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Padron Family Reserve 50 Years

I am excited that the first cigar I am blessed to smoke and review this year is the Padron Family Reserve 50-years Maduro No.50. I purchased a 10-count box of these cigars back in 2015 and yes, am just now opening them for enjoyment. Before getting to the review, lets discuss a little about this cigar and its significance in the Padron portfolio.

In celebration of their 50th year in the cigar production business, the Padron family chose to celebrate the milestone with the creation of a regular production cigar line, Family Reserve. Finding their beginnings in 1964 by patriarch Jose O. Padron, immigrant to the United States from Cuba, the Padron cigar company is currently based in Miami, Florida with crop growth and production occurring in Estelí, Nicaragua. It goes without saying that Padron cigars started as a family endeavor and continuous as such to this day. Although 2018 saw the passing of founder Jose O. Padron, the company continues its forward motion and success under Jorge Padron, son of the late Jose O. Padron. The following are the six lines in the Padron portfolio, all of which encompass various shapes, sizes, and wrapper leaves (natural or maduro).

· Padron Series

· Padron Damaso

· Padron 1964 Anniversary

· Padron 1926 Serie

· Padron Family Reserve

· Padron 50th Anniversary

For more information of the Padron family story visit their website at:

On to the review….

Padron Family Reserve 50-years Maduro Attributes

Size: Robusto

Length: 5

Ring Gauge: 54

Wrapper: Nicaragua (Maduro)

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Country: Nicaragua

Price: $25.00 USD ea.; $250 USD 10ct. Box

Pre-light Inspection: The Padron Family Reserve 50-year sports a gorgeous box press, similar to most cigars in the Padron line.The deep, dark, smooth wrapper leaf has minimal veins and provides an unlit aroma of sweet cocoa and rich earth.The bands are extravagant and easily accent the specialness of the cigar.The upper, main band is a deep wine red embossed with gold lettering depicting the Padron name and Family Reserve label.Underneath the main band we a presented with a number ID band typically of Padron’s 1964 and 1926 lines.These secondary ID bands help prevent counterfeiting of the cigars and personalize the smoker’s experience with the stick. The second band is cream colored with gold lettering displaying 50 years.The cap of the cigar is smooth, round, and well-applied.The solid roll showed a jam-packed foot with no soft spots detected on the pinch throughout the cigar’s body.Upon cold, pre-light draw I was presented with an effortless resistance, typical of most Padron cigars.Cold tastes showed hopeful notes of earth and leather (similar to a leather new belt).

Tasting Notes and Performance: Throughout the smoking experience the cigar never required a touch up and the burn was suburb and straight the entire time. The cigar produced a medium gray ash that showed beautifully stacked, wavy layers. The tastes I noted throughout were earthy barnyard, dark cocoa powder, black coffee, and a mild pepperiness, all wrapped in a thick, creamy, white smoke. The cigar was very well balanced in its tasting profile, however, very typical of a Nicaraguan maduro (certainly a Padron cigar). The cigar provided a full-bodied experience and was medium-full in strength. It’s easy to understand this is a cigar to be savored, not smoked like a steam engine. The room aroma was a mix of sweet tobacco and soft yeasty bread. Total smoking time was 74 minutes.

Overall Impressions: I have high expectations for any cigar that costs $25.00 a piece, and the Padron Family Reserve 50 Years Maduro delivered on this expectation. With that being said, at this price point, this cigar is certainly not an everyday smoke. I am pleased with the balance and eloquence the cigar shows and look forward to dipping into the box on special occasions or with friends over dinner and drinks; however, if given the option of spending $250 on another box or putting that cash toward a 25-count box of Cubans, I will stick with the latter. The only negative points against this cigar is the price. However, luxury experiences call for a luxury price tag and if you have some extra dough laying around, I can assure you that investing it on a Pardon Family Reserve 50 years will pay you back with an extraordinary smoking experience. If you have the opportunity to pick one up, do so. It will be worth your time and money.

Cigar Score: 4 out of 5 boxes

Until our next meeting, don't forget to slow down, simplify, and smoke a great cigar.


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