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Atabey Sabios

I came across the Atabey cigar line by accident. I had heard about the cigar during The Cigar Authority’s 1st annual cigar draft and happened to find several cigars from the Atabey line for sale at one of my local tobacconists. I picked up four different sizes (Deliours, Sabios, Misticos, and Spiritus) and have immensely enjoyed each stick to the fullest, having returned for a refill twice. Although the Atabey cigar line easily qualifies as an ultra-premium cigar line, I will go ahead and say, in my opinion, the money is worth the time dedicated and smoking experience you receive.

Rolled and produced by Selected Tobaccos, the Atabey line (along with Byron and Tobacos Bandolero) is owned and operated by Nelson Alfonso Egued. As you will note below, I encountered several instances during this review that reminded me of Cuban cigars. Is it coincidence that Nelson Egued was recently employed with Habanos S.A., the distribution for Cuban cigars? I dunno, however, there is without a doubt many similarities present.

The current Atabey line contains the following sizes:

· Hechizos (4 x 40)

· Idolos (4 x 55)

· Divinos (4 ¼ x 50)

· Brujos (5 x 52)

· Sabios (5 ¼ x 52)

· Delirious (5 ¾ x 55)

· Duendes (6 x 54)

· Ritos (6 1/8 x 55)

· Misticos (6 ¾ x 56)

· Benditos (7 ¼ x 58)

· Spiritus (7 ½ x 40)

· Dioses (8 x 50)

On to the review….

Atabey Sabios Attributes

Size: Robusto Extra

Length: 5 ¼

Ring Gauge: 52

Wrapper: Undisclosed

Binder: Undisclosed

Filler: Undisclosed

Country: Costa Rica

Price: $26.00 USD each

Pre-light Inspection: The visual inspection of the Atabey Sabios was flawless.A beautiful Connecticut wrapper showed nice tight seams and an extraordinarily made, perfectly rounded, triple seam cap.The cigar is very firm with no soft spots detected.The pre-light smell showed hints of sweet grasses and sugary honey sweetness.I cut the cigar with a regular guillotine cutter and received a cold draw that was medium tight (firm), similar to a Cuban cigar.There was no pronounced tastes on the cold draw other than continued sweetness in the tastes.

Tasting Notes and Performance: Cigar’s burn was perfect throughout, showing a razor-sharp line on the wrapper. Ash was a nice dark gray and formed a solid tower in appearance, again, like that of a Cuban cigar. The body on the cigar was an overall medium with the strength being a straight medium too. The aroma from the cigar was remanence of a fresh bakery/baked goods store and the draw was perfect yielding an optimal resistance. Cigar was very smooth with tastes of buttered toast, chewy molasses, coffee bean, woody cedar, and hints of berry tartness that wavered in and out.

Overall Impressions: The Atabey Sabios is a truly special smoke. Yes, it is in the ultra-premium category, however, this isn’t just a smoke, it’s an investment that will yield great dividends for your time and enjoyment. Most certainly box worthy if you have the money to put down, the Atabey Sabios will now have a regular place in my smoking rotation. Pick some up, you will NOT be disappointed.

Cigar score: 5 out of 5 boxes

~Dr. Kyle Andrew, CCST~

To view the video review of the Atabey Sabios, please visit the following link on Rumble. Don’t forget to give us a (+) and subscribe to the kycigarclub channel:

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